It’s Here! The New JC Danczak!

The New JC Danczak

After many months of planning and attention to detail we present you with the New JC Danczak website design.

Here at JC Danczak we are always looking for ways to improve and speed up the buying experience. We heard your feedback and took action.

The new design includes:

  • A larger header area with a cleaner design that is easy to read and find links to common areas including switching the language, viewing the cart checking out and logging in.
  • A bigger easier to read main menu.  The new menu is not only easier to read but also lets you know which page you are actively viewing.
  • A centered and wider layout that allows for more white space which makes it easier to read and less cluttered.
We hope you enjoy the new design and as always, we are open to your feedback.

Weekly Deal: 30% off 2″ x 18″ Plastic Mailing Tubes

2" x 18" Plastic Mailing Tubes 65/ctnOur Weekly Deal: 30% Off 2 x 18″ Plastic Mailing Tubes 65/ctn

$80.24  $56.17 Per Carton

Use our 2″ x 18″ plastic mailing tubes for displaying or mailing products, invitations, brochures, and more!

The 2″ x 18″ plastic mailing tubes are made from a durable recycled material.65/ctn

These tubes have an opening on both ends and each tube requires two vinyl mailing tube caps (sold seperately).

These ship as OS1 it is an oversized item.

Funny Fridays: Aren’t Grandparents Cute? Yes, Indeed.

When Bruce and Esther Huffman fired up their laptop and decided to give their new webcam a go I’m sure they had no idea they would become a youtube viral sensation.

In the video below we see a cute and funny elderly couple trying to figure out how to use their webcam in order to send their grand kids a video message what happens is next is funny and cute. You see they had no idea they were recording video the whole time they are trying to figure out the way to use it. It is very heartwarming to see this couple together. If my grandparents would be alive today this is what they would probably look like.